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Frontiers in Development Forum

by on June 20, 2012

On June 11-13, USAID hosted the Frontiers in Development Forum, convened at Georgetown University. This premiere three-day event served as a forum for world leaders, government officials and international development experts to address the rapidly changing context for global development.  The conference discussed key challenges and opportunities facing developing countries and development organizations. A book of short essays on conference topics was produced for the event.

Highlights from the event included:

  • Raj Shah, and others, discussed the new development landscape and the move toward public-private partnerships as a new and necessary approach to development;
  • Judith Rodin, Rockefeller Foundation, discussed the importance of systemic resilience for sustainable development.  (She also tackled the issue of how to define “innovation” in one of her panel sessions);
  • Liberia’s President, Minister of Health, and Minister of Finance, at different times throughout the forum, discussed the challenges and development priorities for nation-building in a post-conflict setting;
  • Three current and two former female heads-of-state discussed democracy, leadership, fragile states, and development;
  • Many other thought leaders contributed ideas and opinions, most of which are reflected in the essay collection.

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