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Measuring Success Toolkit Webinar and Forum

by on September 17, 2012

Join us at 9AM EDT on September 19 as MEASURE Evaluation hosts a webinar to provide instruction on the use of the Measurement, Learning, & Evaluation Project’s capacity building toolkit, Measuring Success: Using Data for Health Program Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation. Jack Hazerjian, Ilene Speizer, and Laili Irani are the webinar presenters.

To Join the Webinar: 


To supplement this webinar, MLE, in collaboration with MEASURE Evaluation and K4Health, will host an online discussion forum on monitoring and evaluation (M&E) from September 19-21 to facilitate information exchange on M&E among the urban reproductive health and broader global health communities and explore issues around using data to inform program design and implementation.

The forum will feature experts covering topics such as:

  • The importance of donor funding for M&E
  • Challenges in of M&E in family planning programs and malaria programs
  • Data demand and use

To participate in the online discussion forum, join the Urban RH Community of Practice.

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