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Seeing the World as a Network – Goals

by on January 2, 2013

In the first days of a new year, my thoughts often turn to the bigger picture of my life goals. I’ve been thinking lately of the goals and motivations all of us share in our work. Four of them stand out to me, but there are probably more.

1. Keep the job. This is the most basic motivation, driven by the basic instinct for survival and an income to cover fundamental needs.

2. Fulfill obligations. This is where a lot of our energy goes – doing what we said we’d do. The motivations here are duty and integrity.

3. Do it better than anyone else. Here the motivation is pride in one’s work.

4. Change the World. This motivation relates to meaning and the effect we have, or want to have on the world.

A lot of us entered the world of public health with a desire to change the world. Sometimes we lose sight of that and get frustrated or discouraged when we spend all of our time fulfilling obligations. I believe, though, that in MEASURE Evaluation, together we *are* changing the world. This is seen most clearly when we look over a span of ten or more years and the new capacities that countries have to monitor their epidemics and make informed public health decisions.

My New Year’s wish for you is that you get glimpses of how you, and we together, are changing the world in both small and big ways – but all of them significant.


“Seeing the World as a Network” messages appear simultaneously on Evaluate, the MEASURE Evaluation blog. Let’s continue conversations there. I will be monitoring the blog for comments to share in my weekly message.

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