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Seeing the World as a Network – Travel to Kenya and Associate Award

by on January 18, 2013

I am late in sending a message this week because of travel. I am now in Nairobi, in advance of a gathering of MEASURE Evaluation folks who are launching the new Kenya associate award. During the 2 days I am here, the country is holding primaries for the election soon to follow. The people I talk to are generally optimistic that the country can avoid the violence that accompanied the last presidential election in 2007.

There is also much anticipation of the roll-out of the country’s new constitution and implementation of a new county governance system. The plan is to decentralize government from the national level to counties. This is one of the over-riding features of the associate award, to push M&E capacity to the counties. I also hear of corresponding cut-backs in the central government, based in Nairobi. So much so that some anticipate less traffic in Nairobi. Now *that* would be a grand experiment! I will be interested in seeing how this all plays out over the next few years.

Next week I will write from Malawi.


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