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Seeing the World as a Network – Global Health Cooperating Agency M&E Working Group

by on February 7, 2013

I am back in the US, but just in time to attend a meeting of M&E people from organizations funded by USAID, and their USAID counterparts. The group is called the Global Health Cooperating Agency M&E Working Group. So, for the acronym lovers: GH CA M&E WG.

The group meets twice a year to learn from each other about insights from their recent applications of M&E and developments at USAID. Traditionally, the Director of MEASURE Evaluation co-chairs with a USAID representative. Since I am the new Director of MEASURE Evaluation, this was my first time to participate, and others were kind enough to carry the leadership roles this time.

The focus of yesterday’s meeting (pictured in the photo) was measures for three of the GHI principles: integration, gender equality, and country ownership. There was also a discussion about measures of organizational capacity.

The conversations were helpful and the tone of the meeting was relaxed and friendly. It was truly enjoyable. One thing that I heard repeatedly in one-on-one conversations throughout the day was that MEASURE Evaluation is deeply respected. Yes, I am the Director and people will say nice things to me for that reason. But I sensed that these comments were genuine, in part because they were volunteered by so many. This is *your* doing. You gave MEASURE Evaluation its reputation through the quality of your work. I am proud to be representing such a respected group.


“Seeing the World as a Network” messages appear simultaneously on Evaluate, the MEASURE Evaluation blog. Let’s continue conversations there. I will be monitoring the blog for comments to share in my weekly message.

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