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Seeing the World as a Network – Scott McKeown

by on March 27, 2013

The lead for the MSH partnership is Scott McKeown. While MSH’s home office is in Boston (and they have a branch in the Washington DC area), Scott’s office is here in Chapel Hill. (As you may know, MEASURE Evaluation often blurs the lines between organizations by locating them in each other’s offices.)

You might call Scott a Francophile. One of his two college majors was French (the other was biology), and while in college, he spent some time in Montpellier, France. From there he went to French-speaking countries: two years of Peace Corps in Tshilenge, Zaire (now called DRC) and a 3rd in Niamey, Niger. He then moved to New Orleans (which has French roots) to study for an MPH, then a PhD in epidemiology.

He interrupted his studies to meet his future wife. Actually, he took a job with the CDC in Guinea, where his future wife, Lysa, was working with the Peace Corps. Their marriage ceremony was in Telimele, Guinea, and was conducted in the Pulaar language. Lysa spoke the language and knew what she was agreeing to, but Scott is still in the dark. Scott and Lysa spent their first 9 years in Guinea and Senegal (more French). They have two children: Julia (19) and Ian (16).

Before arriving in Chapel Hill, Scott completed his PhD and worked in a long list of other countries (including Afghanistan). He began work with MSH in 1998. When MSH posted a position for the new MEASURE Evaluation Phase III, Scott reports that he jumped at the chance to work on Organizational Development within a project focused heavily on technical skills, allowing him to bring both his social science and human performance interests together with his quantitative skills.

With his rich experience and fun loving personality, we love having Scott in Chapel Hill.


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