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Seeing the World as a Network – Scott Moreland

by on April 10, 2013

The team leader for the MEASURE Evaluation partner, Futures Group, is Scott Moreland. Scott grew up in Connecticut and stayed there for his undergraduate degree in economics at Trinity College. His PhD, also in economics, brought him to Durham, NC and Duke University. He followed an academic path for a while: first lecturing at the University of Warwick in London, then for two years in California.

His first non-education job was also about education. He worked in Egypt for 8 years: 4 on an education project with RTI, then 4 on a family planning project with Futures Group. He joined Futures Group 17 years ago, and MEASURE Evaluation about 7 years later. In addition to leading the Futures Group team, he works on data demand and use, principally in Nigeria and Rwanda (he recently returned from the closing of offices and activities in Rwanda).

Scott met his wife, Patty, when he was lecturing in England. Patty is French, so they were married in Paris. (sigh) Patty loves horses, so here in North Carolina they live on a farm where Patty runs a riding school. They board an average of 25 horses (+7 dogs and 6 cats) at a time. They have two children: Vanessa (28) and Roby (22). Roby carries on the family horse tradition as a wrangler at a guest ranch in Montana. Scott didn’t mention this when we asked for his information, but I remember hearing last year that he appears briefly in the movie Buck, a documentary about the real-life horse whisperer. A farm with horses sounds like a nice place to retreat to after a long trip – or even a day in Chapel Hill.


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