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Seeing the World as a Network – Stacey Gage

by on May 22, 2013

The first thing to know about Stacey Gage is that she is both thoughtful and fun-loving. Tulane is lucky to have her as their team leader within MEASURE Evaluation. She grew up in Sierra Leone where she earned a bachelors degree in geography. She studied for her masters degree in Ghana, then moved to the US for a PhD in demography from the University of Pennsylvania.

Before her academic job at Tulane and joining MEASURE Evaluation in 2003, she worked at the Population Council, the United Nations Population Division, Macro International (MEASURE DHS), Pennsylvania State University, USAID/Washington (where she served as Technical Advisor to the DHS through a Public Health Institute fellowship), and the Academy for Educational Development where she was Technical Officer for Performance Monitoring with the BASICS-III project.

Stacey has a son and a daughter. Both are now grown and out of the home, so Stacey and her husband plan to explore the world and discover new passions. When she is not working, Stacey spends her time going to jazz festivals, listening to music and dancing (free style). You can see a 4 minute clip of Stacey being interviewed (no, not dancing) at Tulane here.


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