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Seeing the World as a Network – HIV Prevention & Evaluation Activity

by on May 29, 2013

Every country needs high quality impact evaluations to inform public health policies and program decisions. However, many countries lack the expertise and time to design the evaluations. To help overcome this challenge, MEASURE Evaluation facilitated a process in which Ghanaian colleagues identified all data in the country related to HIV prevention among key populations. The information was compiled into a national evaluation plan, including additional data collection and analyses. Those implementing the plan have already begun filling the data gaps. The results of the eventual analyses will inform the national strategic plan, and the standardization of guidelines and procedures for care. It will also provide information about the effectiveness of the HIV prevention programs for key populations. The anticipated improvements in the quality and availability of care among key populations will ultimately reduce HIV transmission.

Heidi Reynolds led the field work in Ghana. Beth Sutherland was the overall lead for this activity and a similar one in Rwanda. Drew Koleros assisted in Ghana and led the field work in Rwanda. Sharon Weir advised.

Heidi (pictured here – on the left – with a friend in Ethiopia) is MEASURE Evaluation’s Deputy Director for HIV and other infectious diseases. Heidi was raised in Juneau, Alaska. She got into competitive swimming and did well enough to get a scholarship to Purdue University. In her undergrad studies at Purdue, she majored in anthropology and sociology, and minored in mathematics and economics (does that leave anything, Heidi?). She began her work in global health as a Peace Corps volunteer in Gabon. She has a PhD in maternal and child health from UNC, with an emphasis in reproductive health. She also got a Fulbright scholarship to support work on her dissertation with INSERM in Paris. Heidi is married to Bill Zuercher and they have two children: Nikko and Callia, both just finishing kindergarten.


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