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Seeing the World as a Network – Kolawole Azeez Oyediran

by on June 5, 2013

Kola Oyediran

Kola has many names. His formal name is Kolawole Azeez Oyediran. Some of his colleagues call him Kolabola or Bolakola because his wife’s name is Bola. But we at MEASURE – at least we at UNC – know him a Kola. He was born into a family of four children (he is the second) in Nigeria. Neither of his parents is educated, but he set for himself the goal of excelling at school. He says “Anytime I defaulted in being in the top 5 bracket, I knew I had to forgo some pleasures such as playing with friends at moonlight, or hawking farm produce round the community.” He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in demography and social statistics from Obafemi Awolowo University in Nigeria, and then his PhD in sociology (with a specialty in population studies) from Nigeria’s University of Ibadan.

Before coming to MEASURE Evaluation, Kola worked for the Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) a non-governmental organization based in Ibadan, Nigeria; the Centre for Development and Population Activities; and then with the National Agency for the Control of AIDS as an M&E specialist. He moved to MEASURE Evaluation and JSI in 2005 during the initial stages of the implementation of the Nigeria National Response Information Management System. In 2012 he relocated to the JSI Arlington office.

When he is not working, Kola likes to read, write and watch football (soccer in the US). Sometime in the future, after he has solved the world’s M&E challenges (my words, not his), Kola has two interests he would like to pursue: academics and writing; and commercial farming to explore ways to ensure food security in sub-Saharan Africa countries. Here is a man with ideas and energy. We are fortunate to have him devoting his energies to M&E.


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