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3 Examples of How Global Health Professionals Are Using GIS

by on June 13, 2013

Guest post by John Spencer, Senior GIS Specialist for MEASURE Evaluation

As I discussed in a previous post, GIS is a tool more global health professionals are relying on. There are two ways MEASURE Evaluation builds GIS capacity:

  1. direct technical assistance
  2. workshops

MEASURE Evaluation tracks its capacity building efforts, and data on both of these approaches provides interesting insight about the organizations interested in GIS. Of those participating in MEASURE Evaluation capacity building efforts, 45% of workshop participants were from national government agencies and 25% represent NGOs. Participation among these groups indicates geospatial tools are used throughout local public health systems and not only located in donor offices and academic institutions.

I think exciting evidence of the spread of geospatial tools can be found in success stories of workshop participants. As part of workshop follow up, we ask participants how they are using what they learned. The ways people are putting their geospatial knowledge to use is fascinating to read. Here are some noteworthy examples:

Support national M&E efforts for HIV in Kenya:

The workshop has helped me incorporate a spatial information management system into the national M&E system for the National AIDS Control Council in Kenya.

Map prenatal consultations in Guinea Bissau:

After [attending] the workshop…we collected GPS coordinates of health centers with prenatal consultation…allowing us to show the distribution

Assess program performance in South Africa:

I am now able to evaluate program performance on a quarterly basis, enabling me to pick up on areas of concern quickly.

It would be possible to list many more examples, however these provide a good overview of some of the ways people are using geospatial tools for global health.

Are you using GIS in a public health program? If so, please share your story.

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