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Seeing the World as a Network – Tara Nutley

by on June 19, 2013

Tara Nutley is the Senior Technical Specialist for Data Demand and Use, working for the Futures Group part of MEASURE Evaluation. She has extended family in New York and Denmark. But her path to MEASURE Evaluation began at the University of Wisconsin, where – after deciding not to pursue ballet – she majored in French Area Studies and International Relations. She learned about public health while working on a polio program for the Rotary Foundation. She took that energy straight to the Peace Corps and Niger. Afterwards, she returned to the US for an MPH degree in maternal and child health at UNC. While there, she worked on an early version of MEASURE Evaluation, called the Evaluation Project. Bates Buckner, our Deputy Director for Field and Operations, was her mentor. After graduation, FHI snapped up Tara and put her to work on family planning service delivery. 13 years later, she moved to Futures Group, and thus MEASURE Evaluation.

As the Senior Technical Specialist for data demand and use, Tara works with project partners to set the technical direction for how DDU activities are conceptualized and implemented, and she leads the development of new tools, curricula, and strategies to facilitate the use of data in decision making.

Tara and her husband, Mike, have a nine year old son. She loves to cook and, when traveling, often stops at local markets to get new spices. On long plane flights, she knits. She says she has about six different knitting projects in process at once. And as you might imagine, this former ballerina loves exercise. She runs, bikes, hikes, does yoga and more. To her “sitting still is akin to a slow death.” We can see, Tara, that you are very much alive.


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