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Seeing the World as a Network – Geneva M&E Meetings

by on July 3, 2013

I missed sending out an SWN email last week because I was traveling and my computer died. I am not going to talk about other things that happened while I was traveling, like getting charged by a hippo on the hotel grounds in Malawi, and having my briefcase (with passport) stolen in Geneva, but found and returned to me (with the passport) a few hours later. (This happened at the bottom-right blue pointer on the map of Geneva.)

I *will* mention that I met with M&E people while in Geneva. At the Global Fund (left-most blue pointer), I met with Ryuichi Komatsu, who is currently working with Sharon Weir of MEASURE Evaluation on an activity related to estimation of population sizes of key populations. Ryuichi is working, in turn, with Ties Burma of WHO (top blue pointer) on M&E through routine health information systems. When I met with Ties, he was eager to look for ways that WHO and MEASURE Evaluation could find synergies. We agreed to look for a time when we could each inform each other of our respective agendas and activities so we could look for any synergies and opportunities. Right there you have several points in a network: Sharon-Ryuichi-Ties-me.

I am happy to be back home in Chapel Hill now, enabled by not being under the foot of a hippo and having my passport.


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