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Blog Post on Celebrating PEPFAR’s 10th Anniversary with Millionth Baby Born HIV-Free

by on July 11, 2013

A recent Huffington Post blog post by Ward Cates, Rose Wilcher, and MEASURE Evaluation’s Heidi W. Reynolds discusses what PEPFAR has accomplished over its ten year history, including the celebration of the one millionth baby born free from HIV.

The authors write, “One million HIV-free babies. What a remarkable achievement, and one that symbolizes how far we have come in advancing HIV prevention science and practice over the past decade.” They go on to say, “We should also take stock of how meeting the contraceptive needs of women living with HIV also contributes to fewer infections among children and better outcomes for mothers.”

The authors point out the need for better reporting on the number of infants born free of HIV and the number of women living with HIV whose need for family planning has been met. The full blog post discusses these needs in detail.

Heidi Reynolds, an author of the blog post, is the Deputy Director for HIV/AIDS and Other Infectious Diseases for MEASURE Evaluation.



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