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M&E of Family Planning Programs: #fpmechat summary

by on August 22, 2013

MEASURE Evaluation PRH hosted a conversation on M&E of family planning programs on August 22, 2012. Thank you to all who joined! We will continue to share answers and resources on Twitter (follow MEASURE_Eval). Here is a brief summary of the chat. See the full summary on Storify!

Q1: Has M&E implementation led to improved project performance for your organization?

@deliverproject: We use M&E constantly to tweak our #familyplanning commodity supply chains! #fpmechat

Q2: Does M&E implementation lead to improved project outcomes? #fpmechat

@Urban_RH: MLE is external eval for the Urban RH Initiative – longitudinal #evaluation over time, results intended to guide program planning. #fpmechat

Q3: Are there new areas for which M&E tools should be developed? #fpmechat

@SHOPSProject: More M&E tools should be developed in areas outside of service delivery, such as policy and advocacy.#fpmechat

Q4: What improvements can be made in the practice of M&E? #fpmechat

@HealthPolicyPrj: Q4: For policy work evaluation needs to be built in at the start of any given project #fpmechat

MEASURE Evaluation PRH invites you to complete a brief survey with more detailed questions. Results will be shared here, on Evaluate and in a written report.

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