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Agrilinks Post on Maximizing Opportunities to Build Capacity for M&E Through FTF FEEDBACK

by on September 13, 2013

The Agrilinks blog recently featured a post by Sian Curtis, MEASURE Evaluation’s Senior Advisor for Evaluation and member of the FTF FEEDBACK capacity building team, titled “Maximizing Opportunities to Build Capacity for M&E Through FTF FEEDBACK.”

Curtis begins the post by discussing capacity building in the FTF FEEDBACK project:

Capacity Building (CB) in the FTF FEEDBACK project focuses on “learning by doing.” In keeping with USAID’s goal of sustainable development, capacity building in monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is fundamental within FTF FEEDBACK. Multiple factors influence successful implementation of M&E activities, including the technical skills and behavior of the individuals involved, systems of operation, and the overall organizational context. Within this wider CB context, our CB activities are focused on strengthening the technical capacity of individuals to generate and use empirical evidence to inform food security-related policy, investment, and intervention decisions in FTF Focus Countries. The primary audiences for FTF FEEDBACK CB activities in M&E are 1) USAID staff; 2) USAID implementing partners; and 3) host country organizations, both governmental and nongovernmental, supporting survey data collection.

Read the full post on the Agrilinks blog.

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