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Seeing the World as a Network – Anne LaFond

by on February 10, 2014
The LaFond family in Rome

The LaFond family in Rome

Anne LaFond has worked in many places. With Save the Children, she was in Darfur for one year addressing famine relief; and in Somalia for 3 years working on service strengthening and community-level research. In preparation, she studied Comparative Government and Arab Studies at Georgetown, followed by an MSc degree from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. After Darfur and Somalia, she spent 4 years in London conducting a 5 country study on sustainability in the health sector. I am guessing that is where she met her British husband, Colin. They now have two children, Dylan and Ava.

Once back in the US, Anne joined JSI and MEASURE Evaluation in 1999. Tools, approaches and other products she has contributed to include PRISM, RHINO, and the Organizing Framework for National HIV/AIDS M&E Systems (12 Components). Her MEASURE work has taken her to Guinea, Guyana, Namibia, South Africa, Senegal, and Mali. Her principal role at JSI now is directing their Center for Health Information, Monitoring and Evaluation (CHIME). Anne says her role in MEASURE Evaluation Phase III has been mostly to “ support the JSI team in small but spiritual ways.”

When she is not working, Anne enjoys live music, playing the piano, and her book club. She volunteers with Community Lodgings, a local NGO that provides transitional housing and after school programs for low income families in Alexandria. She also travels with her family (photo).


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