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Blog Post on Strengthening Haiti’s Health Information System

by on February 24, 2014

The Pump, a John Snow, Inc. blog, recently featured a post on MEASURE Evaluation’s role in strengthening Haiti’s health information system.

An excerpt from the post:

Functional public sector routine health information systems are essential for monitoring health situation in all countries, and Haiti is no exception. Until 2000, however, Haiti had a rudimentary system that did not meet the needs of the health managers.

At that time, USAID was familiar with routine health information system (RHIS) work that had been developed in Morocco by the Ministry of Health, JSI’s Morocco Family Planning/Maternal and Child Health Project, Tulane University, and the EVALUATION Project. So in 2000 USAID asked JSI, through MEASURE Evaluation, to help the Haitian government develop a similar system.

We were asked to provide technical assistance to help the Haitian Ministry of Health and Population to develop and strengthen its national health management information system (HMIS). The initial goal was to improve the management and analysis of information needed to manage health services at the department and district (Unité Communité de Santé) levels through increased use of appropriate software (système HSIS) and information technology.

See the full post on The Pump.

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