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Innovating: Using New Technologies in Mali

by on February 25, 2014

nullTo improve availability and timeliness of malaria data in Mali, MEASURE Evaluation partnered with Yeleman, an IT services company based in Bamako, to create a mobile- and web-based reporting system that provides users with analyzed and validated malaria data monthly.

Before this mobile- and web-based system, availability of malaria data was contingent on an annual report by the Systeme National d’Information Sanitaire. Under the new system, users can access malaria data in as little as three weeks after the end of each month. In addition to making malaria data available more quickly, the new reporting system has shown local health information specialists how to integrate new technologies that improve data management.

Advantages of the new system are poised to reach further; it has already been adapted for other health areas in Mali and will expand to more districts, with an added epidemiologic surveillance component.

Read more about how MEASURE Evaluation improves decision making in public health.

Do you have experience using new technologies to improve data management? Explain.

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