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Coaching Guide: Data Demand & Use

by on February 26, 2014

Data Demand and Use Coaching Guide

National efforts to strengthen health systems involve building the capacity of staff, through training, to produce quality and timely data that informs decisions about health service performance, financing, access to medical products, or strategic planning (WHO, 2007). However when health professionals return to their place of work, they face many challenges implementing their new skills such as competing priorities, lack of motivation or initiative, or other professional stresses. Coaching has been identified as a successful approach to supporting newly trained staff as they apply their new skills in work settings. The goal of individual coaching for health professionals implementing a data demand and use (DDU) intervention is to continue to grow their problem-solving skills to achieve their objectives.

The DDU coach can provide a team of health service providers the individual technical guidance to strategically adapt their DDU skills to their specific work environment and health goals. This on-going capacity building is as important as getting the job done.

Access the DDU Coaching Guide.

Have you used the DDU Coaching Guide or other MEASURE Evaluation DDU resources? If so, please share.

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