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Mentoring: Developing Leadership in Afghanistan

by on April 16, 2014

mentoringThrough its gender-focused Virtual Leadership Development Program (gender VLDP), MEASURE Evaluation equipped the Afghan Midwives Association with the appropriate tools and creative tactics needed in its effort to break down cultural barriers to collecting data from women. Certain high-risk health conditions, particularly pregnancy and childbirth, are exclusive to women. In male-dominated societies, such conditions can take a backseat to those afflicting both sexes. And the less attention that a high-risk condition receives, the more perilous it becomes.

An important step toward ensuring that conditions affecting both sexes are treated equitably is to make sure that data are collected, analyzed, and used with a gender-sensitive focus. Using the tools gained through the gender VLDP, the Afghan Midwives Association team designed a data collection process, trained data collectors, and then sent them out into Afghan communities to employ an approach that engaged women while being respectful of husbands. The team also sought backing from other members of the communities by holding meetings with local health workers and community and religious leaders. In addition to securing community support at the meetings, the team explained the importance of having direct access to women in the data collection process so that women’s health needs are fully met.

Read more about how MEASURE Evaluation improves decision making in public health.

Have you participated in a VLDP? If so, please share how it has affected your work.

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