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Seeing the World as a Network – Suzanne Cloutier

by on April 28, 2014

Suzanne CloutierThis is Suzanne Cloutier at what looks like the starting line of a precarious race (Cheetahs like to follow but they don’t like to lose).  But since Suzanne sent me this photo, we know this scene had a happier ending.

Suzanne came to JSI and MEASURE Evaluation in 2009, as an early step in a second career. Her first career – for 17 years – was in information technology. When AT&T was downsizing in the 1990s, she decided to study epidemiology at UNC. She was then accepted to CDC’s Public Health Informatics Fellowship Program. That led, in turn, to a CDC position addressing TB in Botswana. From there it was a short jump to MEASURE Evaluation.

One example of her work for the Project was providing technical assistance on data quality in Botswana. She says, “Every time I go back it’s like homecoming. I have more friends in Gabs (Gaborone, Botswana) than anywhere else in the world.”

In addition to hanging out with the world’s fastest carnivores, Suzanne likes to jump from flying airplanes. She has skydived only once, but wants more. She is planning a longer dive (no doubt from a higher altitude) in June.

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