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Seeing the World as a Network – Stephanie Watson-Grant

by on May 15, 2014

swgWho is this woman with a halo? An angel who can rescue the day? Or a MEASURE Evaluation employee with a photographer husband? She is both. She is Stephanie Watson-Grant, a UNC-based country portfolio manager. In that role, she practices her exceptional skills at wading into complex situations, listening, figuring out what needs to be done, then guiding the stakeholders through the needed steps. In addition she has her own technical activities. Recently, that has taken her to Jamaica to help build an M&E system; and to Liberia to oversee the implementation of LQAS data collection and use.

Stephanie studied Political Science and International Relations, with no intention of going into public health. But in her home of Jamaica, there was job opening in the USAID Mission for the MEASURE Evaluation activity manager. That job launched Stephanie into public health. Her experience in the Mission has enabled her to appreciate the pressures that Mission staff face. That, in turn, helps her resolve the difficulties that the Mission, MOH, and the Project can run into.

After two years at the Jamaican Mission, Stephanie came to the MEASURE Evaluation home office in Chapel Hill. During her time here, she has also completed a doctorate in public health (DrPH). Stephanie thrives on challenges. She likes to figure out complex problems, and prefers an office with no windows and low lights. Not what most people prefer, but we’ll supply her with whatever she needs if it will help her to keep our project running smoothly.


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