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Seeing the World as a Network – Shelah Bloom

by on June 12, 2014

bloom-india-dissertationWe often maintain a lifetime bond with the first foreign country we spend any time in. For Shelah (pronounced SHELL-ah) Bloom, that country is India; and more specifically the city of Muzzafarpur, just below Nepal. Shelah has lived there for a total of four years (see photo), two of them with her two sons while collecting data for her dissertation in 1995-96. She became fluent in Hindi, and then Urdu while living a year and a half in Lahore, Pakistan.

Shelah moved to Chapel Hill in 1997 for a post-doctoral position at the Carolina Population Center. There she worked with MEASURE Evaluation Phase I, mostly analyzing data and writing papers. When Sian became director, Shelah began leading regional workshops. Having begun working on gender issues as a student at Hampshire College in Massachusetts, Shelah is now MEASURE Evaluation’s Senior Technical Advisor for Gender. One of the accomplishments she is most proud of is the compendium on violence against women, published in 2008.

bloom-tovah-competitionShelah’s eldest son is about to enter graduate school in conflict resolution and international relations. Her younger son is about to graduate from Kenyon College, where he also plays on a nationally competitive ultimate Frisbee team.

Other competitors in the Bloom household are two Border Collies. In the photo to the left, you see one of them in national dog agility competition, where dogs must complete a course of jumps, tunnels and other obstacles correctly, in the right order, and as fast as possible. It’s a joy to see.


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