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Evaluating: Assessing the Impact of Malaria Control Efforts

by on June 19, 2014

evaluatingMEASURE Evaluation has collaborated with the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) to assess the impact of malaria control efforts in sub-Saharan Africa. This assessment is especially important now, after a decade of continuously increasing funding for malaria interventions in the region.

By providing technical support to PMI to evaluate these interventions in 15 different countries, MEASURE Evaluation is promoting accountability among the region’s funding recipients. The evaluations use multiple data sources to find trends in the coverage of key malaria interventions and then to compare those trends to morbidity and mortality rates of children under the age of five.

Findings from Tanzania mainland show a reduction in child mortality by about 45 percent, which may be partly attributable to the escalation of malaria interventions in the country. Such encouraging results further galvanize malaria control efforts as they advance toward to the long-term goal of eliminating the disease. Data from the assessment can also guide future malaria interventions, ensuring that resources are allocated in a manner that allows them to make the biggest difference possible.

Read more about how MEASURE Evaluation improves decision making in public health.

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