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System Building: Developing a Countrywide Directory of Nigeria’s Health Facilities

by on July 16, 2014

system-buildingIn 2011, MEASURE Evaluation developed a countrywide directory of Nigeria’s health facilities, in conjunction with the Nigerian Federal Ministry of Health’s Department of Planning Research and Statistics. Two years later, Nigeria’s minister of health launched the directory of more than 34,000 health facilities, which is coded to indicate key information for each facility – location, type of facility, and facility ownership (private or public).

This directory is fundamental to the effective and efficient functioning of health management and delivery in Nigeria, which requires detailed and up-to-date information about facilities, the sources of health care. The directory is set to be the backbone of Nigeria’s National Health Information Systems, bolstering the country’s health systems; and it will inform further research and assessments by serving as a sampling frame for surveys and audits. It will also generate unique identification numbering for antiretroviral therapy patients and serve as a tool for the National Health Insurance Scheme. In addition, the detailed directory will allow organizations wanting to work in a state to know what facilities are available for their proposed activities.

Read more about how MEASURE Evaluation improves decision making in public health.

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