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Seeing the World as a Network – Willis Odek

by on January 21, 2015

OdekWillis Odek joined the project in December 2013 through Futures Group to serve as the Chief of Party for MEASURE Evaluation’s associate award in Tanzania. One of his goals in that role is ”ensuring unity of purpose among staff regardless of the institutional affiliations they may have.” Before coming to MEASURE Evaluation, Willis worked with the University of Manitoba to study microfinance among female sex workers and the use of geographic information systems to estimate the size of key populations. He also worked on family planning research with FHI360.

Willis has experience with functioning in a group. He is the firstborn in a family of ten children. He also has first-hand experience with one of the adverse health outcomes that the project addresses – preventable maternal and child deaths. His first wife, Sussie, lost her life while giving birth to their first child, a son, Bruce (now 14 years old). He later remarried (Irene) and has three daughters: Gail (11), Tash (7), and Liz (14) who was adopted.

Willis loves to see things grow: plants, animals and humans. And he is a fan of Rumba music from the Congo – a mixture of Brazilian and African tunes that his father introduced him to. I did a quick internet search on Rumba and found several sub-genres. This one is specifically Congolese. I hope I got it right, Willis.


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