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Seeing the World as a Network – Abby Cannon

by on March 13, 2015

AbbyCannonAbby Cannon is a member of the gender team. Abby started her study of gender earlier than most. When a freshman in high school she surveyed 1st grade classes for a science fair project. She asked them to draw pictures of various professions (doctors, nurses, school teachers, etc), then analyzed the genders that the children drew for each profession.

Abby’s road (sorry, I couldn’t resist) to public health wound through social work (working in foster care and adoption) and international development (in Cambodia teaching English and working with a small NGO on health and development). She then entered a dual masters degree program at UNC in social work and maternal and child health. She joined MEASURE Evaluation in January 2011. Since then she has played a key role in gender integration across the project. She also led a collaborative effort to produce Trafficking and Health: A compendium of M&E indicators.

Abby is the middle of three children, raised in Louisiana. The photo here is from a family vacation where they picked cherries at a local farm. She and her fiancée now live in Durham (for those of you who haven’t been here, Durham is a town next to Chapel Hill where many of the project staff live). They love to host dinners, visit the local farmers’ market, and hike in the Durham forests. Abby is always professional and cheerful. I hope you get to work with her one day.


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