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Using Geographic Analysis to Improve HIV Programs in Tanzania

by on April 21, 2015

MEASURE Evaluation worked with local authorities in the Iringa and Njombe regions of Tanzania to illustrate the potential of maps and geographic information systems (GIS) for supporting effective programming of resources and enhancing data-driven decision making in the health sector. The work started with activities designed to gather data on HIV transmission dynamics and service coverage and continued with activities aimed to increase the capacity of district council health management teams to use data to improve resource allocation for HIV programs.

Using Participatory Mapping to Assess Service Catchment and Coverage: Guidance from the Iringa Participatory Mapping Exercise describes a method piloted for estimating catchment areas and coverage. Participatory mapping and site visits were used to identify and map locations and catchment areas of service delivery points providing HIV prevention, care, and treatment. Using open-source GIS software, these sites and catchment areas were mapped, and were combined with population estimates and data from semi-annual and annual U.S. President’s Plan for Emergency AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) reports to map coverage provided by services at each site.

MEASURE Evaluation found that decision makers needed increased monitoring and evaluation capacity to most efficiently analyze service data and use maps for policy and programmatic decision making. MEASURE Evaluation undertook a series of activities with council health management teams to build capacity for using maps for decision making. Using Geospatial Analysis to Improve Resource Allocation for HIV Programs in Iringa Region, Tanzania describes the capacity building process and reviews data gathering activities.

Find more information on GIS tools developed by MEASURE Evaluation.

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