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Workshops from the University of Pretoria

by on July 6, 2015

The University of Pretoria is currently accepting applications for courses on “Monitoring and Evaluation of Health Programmes” and “Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV and AIDS Programmes” taking place in Pretoria, South Africa.

Learn more about the courses:


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  1. Monitoring and evaluation has very important role in the implementation of health related programs. It not only reduces the costs of implementing programs but improves the overall health care system of a community by promptly understanding the problems and responding accordingly. Thus such workshops always inevitable for policy makers, implementing bodies and community workers so as to enhance their capacities to diagnose, plan and act quickly. However resources availability is next issue to enable them to participate. Are there provisions for such financial supports?

  2. Sylli Joanes Hippolyte permalink

    Monitoring and Evaluation has a major role to play as far as Development is concern. It helps mangers to take decision and to move forward. We need Evaluation to understand what we are doing based on what we plan. Even before the program implementation we need evaluation (need evaluation). During the program implementation we need evaluation (process evalution ) that can help the managers to get the program back on it’s target if there is a deviation compare to the baseline. Finally we need evaluation to measure the impact of the program ( the value of the program) .

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