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Seeing the World as a Network – Sam Wambugu

by on July 20, 2015

Sam Wambugu - Recent photo visiting a traditional homestead in SwazilandIn Phase IV we have seen a major turn toward ICT (information and communication technology). To show you how we have equipped ourselves to respond to the new needs and opportunities, I am going to highlight some of our ICT staff over the next couple of months. We’ll start with Sam Wambugu.

Sam is Kenyan, born in the Central region, near Mount Kenya. Although he is MEASURE Evaluation’s Senior Technical Specialist for Informatics, [in·for·mat·ics; infərˈmadiks; noun: the science of processing data for storage and retrieval; information science], he didn’t start that way. Initially, his father had in mind that Sam would be a farmer. But Sam’s mind was on journalism rather than the farm. He realized his dream after college when he was hired by the largest paper in East Africa to write a column on – and here is the connection – ICT and how it affects our daily lives. In the last 10 years he has written over 500 stories, averaging an article per week. Sam now describes his passions as playing with numbers and seeing how technology can provide solutions to day to day problems.

Sam first worked with MEASURE Evaluation via ICF from 2007 to 2010 as the Resident Advisor in Kenya for Strategic Information for PEPFAR. In that role, he supported over 100 PEPFAR implementing partners in Kenya to collect, clean, collate and report their data to PEPFAR semi-annually. This time around with MEASURE Evaluation (still with ICF), Sam is based in Chapel Hill, and he is focusing on all ICT aspects of routine health information systems, including data collection, analysis, and use. Sam, we are glad to have you with us.


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  1. theodora obeng permalink

    Sam theo miss u From Ghana

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