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Webinar: Strengthening National M&E Systems for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs

by on July 29, 2015

Photo by Jessica Fehringer, MEASURE Evaluation

In order for an M&E system to be effective and sustained, the system must be developed based on the information needs of the people who will ultimately use the system. MEASURE Evaluation’s approach to developing M&E systems for Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) programs has been highly participatory, engaging key stakeholders from the start to understand their information needs and develop appropriate indicators, and ultimately improving the use of data collected through electronic systems.

In a webinar on August 4, Emeka Anoje from Catholic Relief Services’ SMILE project in Nigeria and Prisca Mgomberi from MEASURE Evaluation’s Tanzanian Associate Award will present on the process to strengthen national OVC M&E systems in Nigeria and Tanzania in a way that promotes use and sustainability. Their presentations will describe processes to conduct user needs and system assessments, develop indicators with stakeholder input, harmonize indicators across sectors, establish consensus on data flow, and ultimately develop an electronic system that fits the country’s capacity.

Learn more and register to attend the webinar.

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