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Asking the Right Questions Post-Ebola

by on August 11, 2015

2015 02 09 446 DONKA HOSPITAL EBOLA TREATMENT CENTER -- CLOSER IN 10The recent Ebola outbreak in West Africa exposed the weaknesses of national health systems in general, and health information systems in particular, and served as a wake-up call to strengthen mechanisms for timely, reliable information management and sharing regarding epidemic-prone diseases within and between countries.

A properly functioning health information system supports a country’s ability to respond to health emergencies by getting information into the right hands when needed, and enabling policymakers, managers, and health care providers to make informed choices from patient care to allocating national budgets – yet health information systems in many countries are weak, and often disease surveillance and response systems are not integrated with routine health information systems, impeding information sharing during crises.

Three new MEASURE Evaluation articles examine the Ebola outbreak and health systems in a larger context, two considering evidence of how routine health care fared during the epidemic and the third asking the right questions about what ought to be happening in public health planning post-epidemic, focusing on ethical considerations for all countries.

Access the full story and resources. This article was originally posted on Science Speaks.

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