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Sample M&E of Scale-up Strategy for a Gender-Integrated Health Governance Project

by on February 15, 2016

Sample Monitoring and Evaluation of Scale-up Strategy for a Gender-Integrated Health Governance ProjectThis document sets out the strategy for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of scale-up of a gender-integrated health governance project in Nepal. The Gender, Policy, and Measurement (GPM) Program (jointly implemented by the Health Policy Project and MEASURE Evaluation) has partnered with the Suaahara Project, a community-focused program dedicated to improving the health of pregnant and lactating women and children under two years of age. The partnership aim is to design, implement, and evaluate a scalable capacity strengthening intervention for Health Facility Operation and Management Committees (HFOMCs) in Nepal to ensure issues related to gender and social inclusion (GESI) are addressed as part of the delivery of quality health services. As part of this endeavor, GPM and Suaahara have created a strategy to prospectively monitor and evaluate the scale-up of this intervention.

This document does not presume to be a how-to guide for monitoring and evaluating scale up; instead, it should be considered an example of how M&E of scale-up can be approached and applied to current and future global public health programs. Example domains, indicators, and benchmarks could reasonably be applied to interventions covering a range of health-related topics.

Access the document.

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    Thank you for the document

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