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Seeing the World as a Network – Alec Moore

by on April 28, 2016

Alec MooreAlec Moore is the Director of Finance and Administration for JSI. He started working with MEASURE Evaluation in 1998 as a project assistant.

Alec grew up in Utica, NY, with two brothers and two sisters. He says he hated math growing up so it was a surprise to eventually find out he was good with numbers. But first he avoided them. He studied Modern European History at Brown University in Rhode Island, followed by a masters degree in International Peace and Conflict Resolution Studies at American University. In between he worked briefly in publishing in New York.

Alec plays bar trivia with his friends every week (Quick, Alec: modern European history – who was the German Chancellor before Angela Merkel?). He loves going to restaurants and plays and to go out dancing. Reading histories and biographies is his favorite quiet pastime. He also admits to reading sci-fi and fantasy. And even though he didn’t go to UNC, he is a Tar Heels basketball fan.

In his notes to me, Alec described his first trip for MEASURE Evaluation. It was to Dakar in the early 2000s, to handle per diems and other logistics during one of the first courses MEASURE Evaluation did at CESAG. This was one of his first trips out of the US and definitely his first to Africa.  Inexperienced and anxious, he strapped $10,000 in cash around his waist. But he arrived without a major mishap, and after meeting some of the Senegalese counterparts, he found them to be inspiring. They helped him see that the project does, indeed, have an impact.


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