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Seeing the World as a Network – Mirella Augusto

by on May 2, 2016

Mirella Augusto 1I’m continuing in my introductions of those facilitating project finances and other operational aspects. Today we meet Mirella Augusto of Tulane.

Mirella was born and grew up in Rome. She worked there in clerical positions with the Italian Government (4 years) and the Italian Senate (3 years). She also lived in Tuscany for 2 years (click on the link to see some of the beauty of this region) and worked in Florence at the overseas branch of Stanford University as assistant to the Director of the Students Abroad Program. She loves to travel and has lived for extended periods in Thailand, Nepal, Indonesia, Germany and Belgium. In addition to English and Italian, Mirella speaks French, Spanish, and German. She has worked as a professional translator and interpreter, including some simultaneous interpretation (now THAT takes talent).

After seeing the world, Mirella sent down roots in New Orleans. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in history and political science from Tulane. She also took several college courses on New Orleans history and obtained a tour guide license. Her hobbies include walking and taking photos of houses and landscapes, and she is active in her neighborhood association. The books she enjoys reading are mostly non-fiction on history and politics. She stays connected to her Italian roots by participating in the Italian Women of New Orleans group with a focus on food, playing traditional card games, and socializing. Mirella’s family ties pull her out of New Orleans. Her siblings are in Europe and her daughter, Elisa, lives with her husband and Mirella’s two granddaughters in Ithaca, NY.

Mirella has been with Tulane since 1998 and with MEASURE Evaluation since 2006 (Phase II). She says she enjoys the challenge of tight deadlines, working with numbers and generally solving problems, and “I am always impressed by how well and efficiently such a large and complex project is set-up and runs at all levels.” That’s because of people like you, Mirella.


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