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Women Deliver Conference Diary

by on May 17, 2016

By Brittany Schriver, MPH, MEASURE Evaluation

p1picWe’ve arrived in Copenhagen and naturally we’re running about trying to prepare ourselves for our session and the conference as a whole. We’re staying in a home near the conference venue but a bit out from the city center. There are not many tourists on this side of the city and English is not common, so I was somewhat taken aback when I passed this sign.

Every tab had been pulled off. Clearly, whatever Copenhagen’s offering, people need.

Sometimes what people need can’t be found on a street pole advertisement. For most of the world’s women and girls, what is needed is equitable access to education and healthcare, freedom from violence, value in the community and economic spheres, and equal rights under the law. Women Deliver 2016 is an incredible forum for activists, world leaders, policy makers, researchers and others to come together to focus on the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women—and the largest such gathering in more than a decade. This conference allows participants to share their experiences, opinions and insights and discuss key solutions to achieving the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals.

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