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Webinar on “Information Products to Drive Decision Making: How to Promote the Use of Routine Data Throughout a Health System”

by on May 2, 2017

Kenya&TZ slide doc webinar

Join MEASURE Evaluation for a one-hour webinar on using information products to drive decision making on May 9, 2017, at 9am EDT. The webinar will be led by MEASURE Evaluation’s Eric Geers.

Effective health communication involves an investment of time and effort to identify target audiences, pretest key messages, and track audience exposure and reactions in order to bring about behavior change. The same principles apply to investments in the design of information products to promote data use in a health system. Analysis needs to be presented in compelling formats that change a decision-maker’s understanding of health issues, services, and needs. Information products need to reduce the analysis and data visualization burden in order to increase the likelihood that data is considered in health program management decisions.

MEASURE Evaluation conducted qualitative assessments in Kenya and Tanzania to learn more about what information products were currently available, determine if any improvements could be made, and find out how service providers could best use these products in their work. Group discussion from the national to the health facility levels included 57 staff managing services for: HIV and AIDS, maternal and child health (MCH), laboratory, pharmacy, logistics, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) units, and regional and district health management teams.

Register to attend the webinar.

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