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Workshop: Impact Evaluation of Population, Health, and Nutrition Programs

by on May 7, 2019

usaid-gemnet-meval-logos-e1557164344615.jpgBy Hemali Kulatilaka, MEASURE Evaluation

Every year, large amounts of resources are spent implementing population, health, and nutrition programs. In a context of limited resources and growing concerns about the performance of public programs, it is important for policymakers, program managers, and civil society to examine whether programs are having their intended impact.

Good evaluations play an important role by providing concrete evidence of the impact of program actions on target populations. Does a program have an impact? Does the program have a different impact on different groups of people? Do different program components have different impacts? Why and how does the program have an impact? Is it cost effective?

Those are important questions that can be answered by rigorous evaluations. An upcoming workshop from the Global Evaluation and Monitoring Network for Health (GEMNet-Health) will review methods for providing answers to some of those questions. The “International Workshop on Impact Evaluation of Population, Health, and Nutrition Programs” will also review the limitations of the methods and the conditions under which they provide valid answers.

Despite widespread interest in the effectiveness of health programs, there have been few rigorous evaluations of their impact. Yet, careful evaluation of program impact is essential if policy makers and managers are to make informed decisions about program design, implementation, and modification.

Learn more about the workshop and access application materials at

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