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Seeing the World as a Network

by on May 29, 2014

WatchIn my closing presentation at the End-of-Phase-III Event last week, I mentioned four priorities in developing global M&E capacity over the next five years: scale-up existing systems; fill in remaining gaps in methods and approaches; a full-capacity M&E workforce; and systems thinking. This morning in my Twitter inbox I found a link to a 3 minute “white board talk” on Thailand’s application of systems thinking to their country’s health care. It shows in a creative way what systems thinking is (at least some important aspects), and the big effects it can have.

In my screen capture of this online talk, point #3 is leverage points. There are several leverage points in the various systems affecting M&E. But when we zoom out to a higher level, we also see that M&E systems themselves are a leverage point for improving health care and population health. I hope you enjoy this clip. To view it, you can click on the image or here.


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